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No more downloading, printing and completing document request.
Immediately download strata documents from any mobile device.


Get Documents Fast

Find the Strata Corporation by using the strata plan number, the address or commonly known name of the development. Get immediate access to Financials, Minutes of Meetings, Depreciation Reports, Insurance Certificates and more.

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Order Form B & F Certificates

Get a Form B or Form F certificate in as little as 24hrs! You’ll be notified via email when your request has been completed. All documents are provided as PDF files, not paper. Save time, money, and the environment.


Documents On The Go

80% of our document requests are made from mobile devices. Order and download documents to your phone immediately. All documents can be securely downloaded in a single zipped file or download individual PDFs.

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Forward Documents Automatically

You can include notification and provide access to others involved in the sale of a strata lot. Recipients receive a secure link with verification email. They just click a link, verify their email, and download the documents.


Get Notified Of New Documents

Opt-in notification for new documents is an option we offer with every order. Get notification for new Minutes of Meetings, Financials and Depreciation Reports for up to 60 days!

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No More Corrupt Files

We distribute documents provided by other companies and if we detect a corrupt file included in your order, we’ll get to work right away to have it replaced.


Consistent File Naming

No more guessing! We provide consistency in the way strata documents are named. You’ll know exactly what type of meeting the minutes came from (Council, AGM, SGM) and the date of the meeting. Same goes for financial documents (Month End, Year End, Other).

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Professional Document Reviews

Document reviews help you make informed decisions. Have your strata documents reviewed by a licensed professional. You’ll receive important facts summarized in an easy-to-understand report.


Secure & Trusted

The StrataPress Document Dashboard uses a valid, trusted, Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate. Resources on all of our websites are served securely. All sensitive information is sent using the strongest encryption on the market today. We use Microsoft Azure Canadian data centers.

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