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For Self-Managed Strata Corporations

Our Strata Owner’s Portal is available for Self-Managed Strata Corporations too!

Generate revenue for your Strata Corporation with our simplified, all-in-one document management and communication platform. StrataPress pays for itself while offering enormous benefits for the Strata Owners and Strata Council of a self-managed strata.

Starting at $10 per unit, per year.


Generate Revenue For Your Strata

With StrataPress, Realtors can purchase the documents they require without having to contact your Strata Corporation. Our platform enables your Strata Council to easily produce Form B & Form F certificates online, whenever they are requested. 100% of the revenue from the sale of your strata documents is sent to your Strata Corporation.


Document Distribution & Sales

Uploading, distributing and archiving documents can now all be done in one step. Owners can access strata documents from one centralized secure location while Realtors, Lawyers & Notaries can locate and purchase those same documents though StrataPress.com.


Everyone On The Same Page

Create transparent communication between Strata Owners and the Strata Council. Owners get strata & building information at their finger tips, while the Strata Council utilizes a platform designed to assists with key aspects of managing of a Strata Corporation.


No Software to Install

Our user-friendly online dashboard design requires no technical know-how to use, but should you need any assistance, our fanatical support team is here to help.

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