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For Self-Managed Strata Corporations

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Generate revenue for your Self-Managed Strata Corporation with our simplified, all-in-one document management and communication platform. StrataPress pays for itself while offering enormous benefits for the Strata Owners and Strata Council of a Self-Managed Strata.

Starting at $10 per unit, per year *
* Based on 3-year subscription, otherwise annual rate is $15.

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Generate Revenue For Your Strata

StrataPress provides a convenient solution for Realtors to access necessary strata documents without the need to directly contact your Strata Corporation. Our platform is designed to empower your Strata Council to efficiently produce compliant Form B & Form F certificates online, and ensure that they are readily available for when they are requested.

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Document Distribution & Sales

With the innovative capabilities of StrataPress, uploading, distributing, and archiving of strata documents have become a seamless, single-step process. This means that all of your necessary documentation can now be stored and managed from one centralized, secure location.


Transparent Communication

StrataPress enables Strata Owners and the Strata Council to establish a transparent line of communication. With our platform, owners can easily access important information regarding their strata and building from their fingertips. This empowers owners to stay informed and up-to-date with their strata’s developments and decisions.

Automate strata document sales for your self-managed strata corporation
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Cloud Document Storage

Our platform provides a secure and reliable means of storing all of your documentation in one centralized location. All StrataPress servers are located in Canada, meaning that your data is stored within Canadian borders and subject to Canadian data privacy laws. This adds an additional layer of protection for your sensitive information, ensuring that your strata’s documentation remains safe and secure at all times.

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