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Built For Property Managers

StrataPress is a proven document sales system that offers Strata Managers the capability to generate, distribute and sell strata documents with zero cost and zero loss of revenue.


Automate Document Requests

OUR NUMBER ONE FEATURE to greatly reduce administrative costs while increasing your business’ profit margins through automated sales of your strata documents. Sell strata documents online using StrataPress and you will eliminate credit card merchant fees and save thousands of dollars spent on expensive mailings. We provide a reliable, and trackable, electronic delivery of strata documents to industry professionals and Strata Owners across BC.

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Guaranteed Payments


Guaranteed Payments

No more chasing payments or producing documents nobody comes to collect. When you sell strata documents with StrataPress, we get payment up front, and we guarantee you get paid for every document. You get 100% of the revenues and a detailed sales report every month with 0% hassle.


Create Strata Certificates Online

StrataPress makes it easy to generate strata certificates (Form B & Form F) online, or upload a completed strata certificate produced with another program. Either way, Form B and Form F request can be completed online in a few minutes.

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Signing Authority

Central administration with an unlicensed assistant? No problem, they can prepare certificates and request authorization from a licensed strata manager who only needs to review the completed document and authorize it. You can also assign a portfolio of properties to individual Strata Managers.


Request Undertakings

Request an Undertaking for a Form F with one-click! The Lawyer or Notary requesting the Form F certificate will automatically be notified of your request via email. Once they upload a signed copy of the Undertaking, you will be notified so you can complete the certificate.

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Depreciation Reports & Other Required Documents

Every Form B request includes a Depreciation Report automatically, if one is available. Other essential documents can be included with every Form B request automatically. It’s never been easier to get paid for every document you provide!


Rush Orders

The default delivery is 5 business days, but the property manager can set rush fee rates for quick 24hr, 48hr or 72hr turn-around. Form B and Form F requests are color-coded and listed in priority order within your dedicated admin dashboard, so you never miss a deadline.

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Strata Sections & Civic Addresses

Does your strata have sections? Add as many sections to your Strata Corporation as you need. Each section can take requests for Form B Certificates and specific documents for that section. If there are multiple buildings, you can add as many civic addresses as required for the property.


Monthly Sales Report

We calculate the costs, manage the sale, and send you 100% of the revenue every month. Sales are reported in real-time and a detailed sales report is provided with payment every month. 

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Holiday Calendar


Holiday Scheduling

Request for Form B & Form F Certificates are never due on the weekend or on a holiday. You can set additional days that your office may be closed over the holidays with our Holiday Calendar. Set your calendar 12 months in advance.


The Strata Owner's Portal

In addition to transparent communication, the Owner’s Portal gives Strata Owners easy access to their own archive of strata documents. The portal is used for easy distribution of documents and other timely information. This value added service is used by over 25,000 Strata Owners in BC and growing. Talk to us about this unique revenue generating partnership opportunity.

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Rental Manager


Rental Manager Message Tracking

Rental Managers can link to Strata Owner accounts and receive communications from the Strata Council and Property Manager for any strata property using the Strata Owners portal. Rental Managers can also track messages sent to Tenants to see if they received them and if they have been opened.


Easy Onboarding

We make onboarding easy! We take care of all of the details to ensure that getting started with StrataPress has minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.

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