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Strata Document Retention Guide

Strata documents are an important part of a Strata Corporation and how it can effectively function. The records that must be kept current and up to date by the Strata Corporation are:

  • A list of strata council members, including either a phone number or other method by which the council member may be contacted at short notice.
  • a list of owners, with their strata lot addresses, mailing addresses if different, strata lot numbers as shown on the strata plan, parking stall and storage locker numbers, if any, and unit entitlements.
  • The names and addresses of mortgagees who have filed a “Form C: Mortgagee’s Request for Notification”
  • The names of tenants, and any assignments of voting or other rights by landlords to tenants
Written contracts entered into by or on behalf of the strata corporation by the owner developer  Six years after the termination or expiration of the contract or policy.
Any reports obtained by the Strata Corporation respecting repair or maintenance of major items in the Strata Corporation, including, without limitation, Engineers reports, risk management reports, sanitation reports and reports respecting any items for which information is, under Section 94, required to be contained in a depreciation report.  Retained until the disposal or replacement of the items to which the reports relate.
All warranties, manuals, schematic drawings, operating instructions, service guides, manufacturers documentation and other similar information respecting the construction, installation, operation, repair and servicing of any common property or common assets, including any warranty information provided to the owner developer.  Retained until the disposal or replacement of the common property or common assets to which they relate, or the expiration of the warranty coverage, whichever comes first.
Any decision of an arbitrator or judge in a proceeding in which the strata Corporation was a party, and any legal opinions obtained by the Strata Corporation.  Permanently
The registered strata plan as obtained from the land title office.  Permanently
Resolutions that deal with changes to common property, including the designation of limited common property.  Permanently
Names and addresses of all contractors, subcontractors and persons who supplied labor or materials to the project, as required by the regulations.  Permanently
Any disclosure statement required by the real estate development Marketing Act or section 139 of the Strata Property Act.  Permanently
All plants that were required to obtain a building permit and any amendments to the building permit plans that were filed with the issuer of the building permit.  Permanently
Any document that requires the actual location of a pipe, wire, cable, shoot, duct or other facility for the passage or provision of systems are Services, if the owner developer has reason to believe that the pipe, wire, cable, chute, . or any other facility is not located as shown on a plan or plan Amendment filed with the issuer of the building permit.  Permanently
Any depreciation reports obtained by the strata Corporation under section 94 of the Strata Property Act.  Permanently
List of council members  Current copy

List of owners including:

  • Strata lot addresses
  • Mailing addresses if different
  • Strata lot numbers as shown on the strata plan
  • Unit entitlements
  • Names and addresses of mortgages who have filed a mortgagees request for notification under Section 60 of the strata property Act
  • Names of tenants
  • Assignments of voting and other rights by landlords to tenants under section one 147 and 148 of the strata property Act
 Current Copy
 Strata Property Act and the Regulations.  Current copy
 Strata Bylaws & Rules.  Current copy
 Personal information collected in the course of a bylaw infraction matter.  One year from the date that the original decision was made by the Strata Corporation
 All correspondence sent or received by the Strata Corporation and strata council.  Two years
 Bank Statements.  Six years
 Book of accounts showing money received and spent and the reason for the receipt or expenditure.  Six years
 Budget and financial statement  for the current years and previous years  Six years
 Cancelled cheques  Six years
 Certificates of deposit  Six years
 Income tax returns, if any.  Six years
 Information Certificates issued under section 59 of the SPA.  Six years
 Minutes of annual general meetings.  Six years
 Minutes of special general meetings.  Six years
 Waivers and consents under sec. 41, 44 or 45 of the SPA.  Six years after the transfer of control referred to in section 22 of the Act
 Financial records obtained under section 23 of the SPA, if any.  Six years after the termination or expiration of the contract or policy

Prepared in accordance with the Strata Property Act and Regulations, and PIPA.

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